Kanayo O. Kanayo Calls for Boycott of Teen Actress Angel Unigwe Over Contract Breach Allegations

Veteran Actor Sparks Controversy with Allegations Against Teen Actress

Kanayo O. Kanayo, a respected figure in Nollywood, recently brought to light a contentious issue involving teenage actress Angel Unigwe and her mother. In a fervent video posted on his Instagram page on Friday, Kanayo accused Unigwe’s mother of repeatedly breaching filming contracts, disrupting production schedules, and undermining industry professionalism. The allegations have set the Nollywood community abuzz, raising questions about contract adherence, professionalism, and the influence of guardians in young actors' careers.

Allegations of Contract Breach

Kanayo's grievances revolve around an incident he recounted where Angel Unigwe's mother removed her daughter from a film set before the agreed contract duration had expired. This incident reportedly occurred at 9 PM when the contract stipulated that the filming day would end at midnight. Such unexpected departures can cause significant disruptions to a production process that is often meticulously planned and time-sensitive. The respected actor did not mince words as he conveyed his frustration over these breaches, expressing that they have repeatedly hampered his work and the work of other producers in the industry.

A Pattern of Disruptive Behavior

Kanayo's accusations weren't solely based on his personal experience. He indicated that numerous other producers have had similar encounters with Angel Unigwe’s mother's behavior. According to Kanayo, her habit of demanding money from producers and subsequently pulling Angel off the set prematurely has become a troubling pattern. This repetitive unprofessional conduct, as described by Kanayo, has led to widespread frustration among his colleagues who often find themselves scrambling to make up for lost time and resources.

Impact on the Industry

Impact on the Industry

The implications of such disruptions extend beyond mere inconvenience; they pose a significant challenge to maintaining professionalism in the Nollywood industry. Filming schedules are crafted with precision, and every minute counts towards producing quality content. When a principal actor is unexpectedly withdrawn from the set, it creates a ripple effect, potentially jeopardizing entire projects. Kanayo underscored that while Angel Unigwe herself exhibits professionalism, her mother’s persistent interference taints their working relationship. Professionalism is a key standard that the veteran actor believes is being compromised by such behavior.

Kanayo's Call for Boycott

In response to these alleged repeated disruptions, Kanayo has called for a boycott of Angel Unigwe until the issue is adequately addressed. He urged producers to unite in their resolve to not engage the young actress on any project until her mother’s disruptive behavior is decisively dealt with. His message was clear: the integrity and professionalism of Nollywood must be upheld, and producers should no longer tolerate actions that undermine this standard.

A Direct Challenge

Kanayo's plea isn't just a passive request for solidarity; he has vowed to take active measures against any production involving Angel if the situation isn't rectified. This strong stance highlights his commitment to enforcing industry norms and his willingness to take personal action to ensure compliance. According to Kanayo, such a collective stance by the producers is essential to curb unprofessional practices and maintain the respectability of Nollywood.

Reactions from the Nollywood Community

Reactions from the Nollywood Community

The response from the Nollywood community has been mixed. While many have voiced support for Kanayo’s stance, acknowledging the difficulties posed by the alleged behavior of Angel Unigwe’s mother, others have called for a more conciliatory approach. Some professionals believe that dialogue and mediation might be a more effective route to resolving the issue. However, the consensus remains that the core concerns raised by Kanayo about maintaining professionalism are valid and need to be addressed.

The Role of Guardians in Young Actors' Careers

This controversy also brings to the forefront the role and influence of guardians in the careers of young actors. While the involvement of a guardian is often necessary to ensure the well-being and proper management of young talents, excessive interference can have adverse effects. Balancing this protective role with the need to uphold professional commitments is crucial.

The Way Forward

The onus now lies on both parties to address the issue constructively. For Angel Unigwe’s continued growth in her acting career, it is imperative that any hindering factors, such as the alleged conduct of her guardian, are resolved. The integrity and continuity of Nollywood productions also depend on adherence to professional standards by all parties involved. A collaborative effort towards understanding the industry’s expectations and mutual respect can pave the way for a more harmonious working environment.


Kanayo O. Kanayo’s call for a boycott has undoubtedly sparked significant discussion in the Nollywood industry. It underscores the importance of professionalism and the challenges that can arise from contractual disagreements. As the industry navigates through this contentious issue, the emphasis remains on fostering an environment where respect for contracts and professional conduct is paramount. The hope is that this dialogue will lead to a healthier, more respectful working relationship between producers, young actors, and their guardians.

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