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Tragic Loss: Former Konga CEO Nick Imudia's Untimely Passing by Suicide in Lagos

Former Konga CEO and current CEO of D.light, Nick Imudia, tragically died by suicide in Lagos. At age 45, Imudia took his own life by jumping from his apartment balcony. Before his death, he communicated with family members, leaving many questions unanswered.

Kieran Botha | Jun, 27 2024 Read More

Banking, Postal Services, UPS, and FedEx Schedules for Memorial Day 2024: What to Know

As Memorial Day 2024 approaches on May 27, many national banks, and the United States Postal Service will observe the federal holiday by closing. Some exceptions like Capital One Cafes will remain open, and Priority Mail Express will still operate. UPS and FedEx offer limited services, with critical deliveries continuing. Specific hours may vary, so checking with local branches and stores is advisable.

Kieran Botha | May, 27 2024 Read More