About Us

Our Mission

At Local Morning Star News, our primary mission is dedicated to delivering timely and accurate news coverage tailored for our diverse South African audience. Our team commits to seeking truth and providing insights into the multiple dimensions of news stories ranging from local developments to significant national events. Each day, our editorial team gathers and corroborates information from credible sources ensuring that content integrity and factual accuracy remain uncompromised. Our dedication to journalism excellence drives us to cover a broad array of topics including politics, business, technology, sports, and entertainment, all designed to keep our community informed and engaged. As we continue to evolve, our mission remains firm: to be the definitive source of news for South Africans, offering dependable, balanced reporting that enlightens and informs.

Our History

Founded in Durban, under the visionary leadership of Kieran Botha, Local Morning Star News has rapidly grown from a modest local news outlet into a prominent online news platform recognized across South Africa. Initially focused on covering Durban-specific news, we quickly expanded our reach to address significant regional and national issues. This expansion was fueled by an increasing demand for vigorous journalism and dependable news that mirrors the dynamic nature of South Africa's socio-economic landscapes. Over the years, our continual adaptation to the digital transformation in media consumption has enabled us to stay ahead, providing real-time, comprehensive news coverage and in-depth analysis. Our history is a living chronicle of dedication to the principles of independent journalism and a reflection of our commitment to serving the citizens of South Africa with exemplary news coverage.

Our Team

The backbone of Local Morning Star News is our team of seasoned journalists, editors, and media professionals who bring a wide range of experience and expertise to our platform. Our staff includes award-winning reporters who have covered intricate stories ranging from political upheavals to the triumphs of South African sports teams on international platforms. Each team member brings a unique perspective and dedicated approach to their work, contributing to the diverse, rich content that our readers treasure. Continuous training sessions and workshops are integral to our operational philosophy, ensuring that our team is adept at leveraging new technologies and methodologies in news reporting and delivery. This dedication to excellence enables us to maintain high journalistic standards and integrity in an era of rapid information dissemination and varied media consumption patterns.

Editorial Policies

At Local Morning Star News, our editorial policy is rooted in the principles of independence, objectivity, and public accountability. We adhere strictly to ethical journalism practices, maintaining a clear distinction between editorial content and advertisements to prevent any conflicts of interest. Each piece of news is meticulously fact-checked and cross-verified with multiple sources to guard against biases and inaccuracies. Our commitment to these standards is unwavering, as we believe they are essential to fostering public trust and credibility. This rigorous approach to news reporting not only aligns with our organizational values but also protects the interests of our readers and upholds the sanctity of the journalistic profession.

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