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Terms of Service

The Terms of Service for Local Morning Star News outline the rules and regulations for using the website, covering legal aspects such as the acceptable use of the site, intellectual property rights, disclaimer of warranties, and a liability clause. It ensures users are informed about their responsibilities and the limitations of liability of the website owner.

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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy page provides comprehensive details on the handling of personal and demographic information collected via the Local Morning Star News website. It outlines practices regarding data collection, use, and disclosure, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and respect for user privacy. It also provides contact information for site owner Kieran Botha for any queries.

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Contact Us

The Contact Us page provides comprehensive details on how to reach out to Local Morning Star News for inquiries, feedback, or additional information. The page includes contact information for Kieran Botha, the owner and publisher, along with a contact form to directly send messages. Users can find address details and a direct email option for quick communication. This ensures openness and accessibility, enhancing the reader's interaction with the news platform.

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Newcastle's Landmark Inclusive Grandstand: A Paradigm of Accessibility in Sports Facilities

Newcastle, Australia, enhances community involvement and accessibility with the unveiling of a new, inclusive grandstand. This grandstand, part of an $11.2 million enhancement project, features facilities like wheelchair seating and hearing loops, ensuring it caters to all citizens.

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Germany Accuses Russia's APT28 of Cyber-Attacks on Social Democrats Amid EU Tensions

Germany has attributed a significant cyber-attack on the Social Democrat Party to the Russian hacking group APT28, also known as Fancy Bear. This incident underscores the ongoing digital and geopolitical strife between Russia and the European Union.

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Rafael Nadal Ends Journey at Madrid Open: A Farewell Match Against Jiri Lehecka

Rafael Nadal faced a poignant conclusion at the Madrid Open, losing to Jiri Lehecka in the fourth round. This match marked his final appearance in a tournament where he historically excelled, hinting at his soon approaching retirement. The emotional tribute by fans was a highlight.

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JDS Candidate Prajwal Revanna Faces Allegations in Karnataka Sexual Abuse Case

Prajwal Revanna, a candidate for Hassan Lok Sabha from JDS, has been summoned by his party's disciplinary committee amid sexual abuse allegations. A complaint by a woman involved in his campaign prompted the action. The party pledges a thorough investigation, while police inquiries continue.

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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Faces Backlash Over Decision to Euthanize Family Dog

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has come under fire for her decision to shoot her family’s aggressive dog, Cricket. The 14-month-old was euthanized after attacking livestock. This tough choice is discussed in her new book, sparking debate among both critics and supporters over animal behavior and owner responsibilities.

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